Foreign Trade

Our trajectory in the field places us, both nationally and internationally, as a reliable and professional company, which has facilitated us access to different markets. We have extensive experience over the years in marketing different forest products to various destinations around the world.

- Sawable logs of Eucalyptus grandis (saw logs).

- Eucalyptus grandis logs for unwinding (peeling logs).

- Logs of other species of eucalyptus.

- Sawable pine logs.

- Sawn wood of Eucalyptus grandis.

- Posts.

- Eucalyptus and pine sheets for offset boards.

Today, Idalen is listed as a major player in the export of bulk pine roundwood to destinations such as China, India and South Korea. Since 2017, we have successfully exported more than 50 vessels, representing a total of 1.8 M m3 of pine.

The wood comes mainly from Uruguay, but we also work with companies from Argentina and Brazil to expand our product offering.

Within the forestry sector, Idalen is the leading exporter of roundwood for solid wood products (excluding pulp companies).